We want you to feel good. At Helios we’ve designed a new relaxing and healthy proposal to offer you a unique experience. Starting from our gastronomic concept, inspired by the Mediterranean diet, with fresh and km0 products to our wide range of activities; everything at Helios has been specially planned to make you feel good, for you to get away from the daily buzz and recharge at each one of our hotels.

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Make you feel like at home. We want you to disconnect, relax and enjoy a couple of unforgettable days. There’s no better way of spending your holiday then staying at Helios, with a team that strives to the maximum every day to make your stay unforgettable. At Helios we have wonderful professionals that will ensure that you enjoy a couple of marvellous days leaving your worries behind.

enjoy your stay

at the mediterranean

recharge & relax

recommended activities by Helios

Discover local culture and cuisine at idyllic places,  set sail and hop on a boat to explore the Mediterranean or enjoy daily activities such as functional training, yoga and meditation.

All of these plans and activities can be a part of your Helios experience

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our customers


our brightest star

Our guests are, without a doubt, our best ambassadors. This is why our hotels get great results and are at the top of customer satisfaction rankings. We deliver a professional and kind service at the same time. We are a big little family offering you a superb experience. Our biggest commitment and main goal is to make you feel at home (and better).